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61. You are working in an online transaction processing (OLTP) enviro
nment. You realize that the salary for an employee, John, has been ac
cidentally modified in the EMPLOYEES table. Two days ago, the data wa
s in the correct state. Flashback logs generated during last two days
are available in the flash recovery area. Which option would you cho
ose to bring the data to the correct state while ensuring that no oth
er data in the same table is affected?
A. perform. point-in-time recovery
B. perform. a Flashback Table operation to restore the table to the st
ate it was in two days ago
C. perform. a Flashback Database operation to restore the database to
the state it was in two days ago
D. perform. Flashback Versions Query and Flashback Transaction Query t
o determine all the necessary undo SQL statements, and then use them
for recovery
Answer: D
Flashback Query 只能看到某一点的对象状态,Flashback Version Query 可以

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