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51. You want to use the SQL Tuning Advisor to generate recommendation
s for badly written SQL statements in your development environment. W
hich three sources can you select for the advisor to analyze? (Choose
A. Top SQL
B. snapshots
C. SQL Tuning sets
D. index access path
E. optimizer statistics
F. materialized view logs
Answer: A,B,C
You can use the SQL Tuning Advisor to analyze SQL statements and obtain performance
recommendations. Typically, you run this advisor as an ADDM performance-finding action.
Additionally, you can run the SQL Tuning Advisor when you want to analyze the top SQL
statements consuming the most CPU time, I/O, and memory.

Sources for SQL Tuning Advisor to analyze:
– Top SQL: Analyzes the top SQL statements
currently active
– SQL Tuning Sets: Analyzes a set of SQL statements
you provide
– Snapshots: Analyzes a snapshot
– Baselines: Analyzes a baseline

Baselines are used to retain snapshot data. Therefore, snapshots belonging to baselines are
retained until the baselines are dropped.
Usually, you set up baselines from some representative periods in the past, to be used for
comparisons with current system behavior. You can also set up threshold-based alerts by using
baselines from Database Control.

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