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42. Exhibit
A user has inserted wrong department data in the DEPT3 table in the U
SERS tablespace. You use the Flashback Table functionality to rectify
the erroneous inserts. While performing the recovery, you choose 200
4343 as the Flashback SCN.
Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)
A. Only the row with DEPARTMENT_ID 290 would be flashed back.
B. The rows with DEPARTMENT_ID 290 and 300 would be flashed back.
C. The rows with DEPARTMENT_ID 290 and 280 would be flashed back.
D. You would have taken the USERS tablespace offline before starting
the Flashback Table operation.
E. You would have enabled row movement for the DEPT3 table before sta
rting the Flashback Table operation.
Answer: C, E

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