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25. You set the recovery window to seven days and the backup optimiza
tion to ON using the CONFIGURE command of Recovery Manager (RMAN). Th
e most recent backup of the TOOLStablespace to disk was taken on Janu
ary 3. The TOOLStablespace is read-only. On February 21, when you exe
cute a command to back up all the tablespaces to disk, you find that
RMAN backs up the TOOLStablespace also, even though the contents of t
he tablespace have not changed after the backup on January 3. Because
there are no changes made to the TOOLStablespace, you decide that th
e tablespace should not be backed up by RMAN. What can you do to skip
backing up the TOOLStablespace without changing the current backup
optimization setting?
A. configure a default device for RMAN backups
B. temporarily disable the retention policy for RMAN backups
C. configure automatic channel allocation for RMAN backups
D. use the CONFIGURE command to reconfigure the recovery window to 60
Answer: D
Editor’s notes
RMAN中的备份优化(Backup Optimization)是指在备份过程中,如果满足特定条件,RMAN将自动跳过某些文件而不将它们包含在备份集中以节省时间和空间。

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