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16. Immediately after adding a new disk to or removing an existing di
sk from an Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance, you find that
the performance of the database decreases initially, until the addit
ion or removal process is completed.
Performance then gradually returns to normal levels. Which two activi
ties could you perform. to maintain a consistent performance of the da
tabase while adding or removing disks? (Choose two.)
A. increase the number of checkpoint processes
B. define the POWER option while adding or removing the disks
C. increase the number of DBWR processes by setting up a higher value
D. increase the number of slave database writer processes by setting
up a higher value for DBWR_IO_SLAVES
E. increase the number of ASM Rebalance processes by setting up a hig
her value for ASM_POWER_LIMIT during the disk addition or removal Ans
wer: B, E
重新平衡不会妨碍任何数据库操作。重新平衡进程主要会对系统上的 I/O 负载产生影响。
重新平衡的强度越高,它加在系统上的 I/O 负载也就越大。这样,可供数据库I/O 使用的
I/O 带宽就越少。

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