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15. You work as a database administrator at Certkiller .com. In your
production database there is a job, CALC_STAT, which has been schedul
ed to run every Friday at 5.00 p.m. CALC_STAT updates the optimizer s
tatistics for the objects owned by the APPS schema. You want the task
to be generic, there by allowing users to modify the attributes of th
e task at run time without affecting the original task.
Which component of Oracle Scheduler must you define to achieve this?
A. Window
B. Program
C. Job class
D. Window group
Answer: B
• A window is represented by an interval of time with a well-defined beginning and
end,and is used to activate different resource plans at different times. This allows
you to change resource allocation during a time period such as time of day or time
of the sales year.
• A window group represents a list of windows, and allows for easier management of
windows. You can use a window or window group as the schedule for a job to ensure
that the job runs only when a window and its associated resource plan are active.
• A job class defines a category of jobs that share common resource usage requirements
and other characteristics. A job class groups jobs into larger entities.
• A resource consumer group associated with the job class determines the resources
that are allocated to the jobs in the job class.
• A resource plan enables users to prioritize resources (most notably CPU) among
resource consumer groups.

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