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How to Convert 10g Single-Instance database RAC

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3) Restore the backup of datafiles,redo logs,control file to a shared location on the cluster 
(If you are using ASM ,then please follow Note 452758.1 How to Convert a Single-Instance ASM to Cluster ASM)

4) Take a backup of original single-instance pfile to e.g. /tmp/initorcl.ora and Add the following entry in pfile, e.g. for a two node RAC cluster

*.cluster_database = TRUE
*.cluster_database_instances = 2
.undo_tablespace=undotbs (undo tablespace which already exists)
.cluster_database = TRUE
.cluster_database_instances = 2 

is equal to "1". is equal to "2", e.g. ORCL1, ORCL2.

5) change the location of control file in parameter file

local drive to shared cluster file system location

ie control_files='/control01.ctl'

to ie control_files='/control01.ctl'

6) create spfile from pfile( spfile should be stored in shared device)

sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
create spfile='/spfileORCL.ora' from pfile='/tmp/initORCL.ora';

7) Create the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init.ora e.g. initORCL1.ora file that contains the following entry


spfile_path_name is the complete path name of the SPFILE.

example :-


8) create new password file for ORCL1 instance.

orapwd file=orapwORCL1 password=oracle

9) start the database in mount stage

10) Rename the datafile,redo logs to new shared device

alter database rename file '' to '
11) Add second instance redo logs (or more when multiple instances will be started)

alter database
add logfile thread 2
group 3 ('group 4 ('
alter database enable public thread 2;

12) create the second (or more) instance undo tablespace from existing instance

Path and file name will different for your environment

'/dev/RAC/undotbs_02_210.dbf' SIZE 200M ;

13) Open your database (i.e. alter database open;) and run $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catclust.sql to create cluster database specific views within the existing instance

2. On the second node and other nodes

14) Set ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME environment variables on the second node

15) Create the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init.ora e.g. initORCL2.ora file for the second node the same way as with point 7.

16) create new password file for second instance ORCL2 instance as in point 8

orapwd file=orapwORCL2 password=oracle

17) Start the second Instance

3. on one of the nodes

18) After configuring the listener,you have to add the database in cluster as below

srvctl add database -d -o -p

srvctl add instance -d -i -n

srvctl add instance -d -i -n

19) in case ASM is used, add the rdbms instance / asm dependency, e.g.

srvctl modify instance -d -i -s <+ASM1>


NOTE:208375.1 - How To Convert A Single Instance Database To RAC In A Cluster File System Configuration
NOTE:452758.1 - How to Convert a Single-Instance ASM to Cluster ASM

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