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SOAP Version 1.2中文手冊1 (转)

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SOAP Version 1.2中文手冊1 (转)


P Version 1.2

Working Draft 9 July 2001

英文版: 英文版的最后版: 英文版编辑: Martin Gudgin (DevelopMentor) Marc Hadley (Sun Microsystems) Jean-Jacques Moreau (Canon) Henrik Frystyk Nielsen ( Corp.)   中文版: 中文版编辑: , Fennivel Chai (DealEasy) 中文版贡献者: 许佑骏, Arthor Xu (DealEasy)  

©2001 Consortium">W3C® (, , ), All Rights Reserved. W3C , , document use and rules apply.

SOAP 1.2为在一个松散的、分布的环境中使用对等地结构化的和类型化的信息提供了一个简单且轻量级的机制。这是一个基于XML的,同时它由四部分组成: 一个作为描述在消息中的内容以及如何处理消息的信息的信封(envelope),一组用于表示应用定义的数据类型的编码规则(encoding rules),一个用于表示过程和返回的约定以及一个使用底层协议进行消息交换的绑定(binding)约定。潜在地,SOAP可以与很多其他的协议绑定使用;不过,在本文档中,只定义了SOAP与HTTP已经SOAP与HTTP Extension 的绑定。

Status of this Document

This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. The latest status of this document series is maintained at the W3C.

This is the first W3C Working Draft of the SOAP version 1.2 specification for review by W3C members and other interested parties. It has been produced by the XML Protocol Working Group (WG), which is part of the .

The XML Protocol Protocol Working Group has, in kee with its charter, produced a that have been published as a Working Draft. To better evaluate SOAP/1.1 against these requirements and usage scenarios, the Working Group has produced an used by the Working Group. In addition, the Working Group has produced an that describes issues and concerns raised by mapping its requirements and the XMLP abstract model against the SOAP/1.1 specification as well as issues raised on the> mailing list against SOAP/1.1.

The current name for this specification is SOAP version 1.2, this first Working Draft being based on SOAP/1.1 as per the Working Group's charter (see change log in appendix D)

Comments on this document should be sent to (). It is inappropriate to send discussion s to this address.

Discussion of this document takes place on the public <> mailing list () per the in the .

This is a public W3C Working Draft. It is a draft document and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to use W3C Working Drafts as reference material or to cite them as other than "work in progress". A list of all W3C technical reports can be found at .

1. 引言 1.1 设计目标 1.2 符号约定 1.3 SOAP消息示例 1.4 SOAP术语 1.4.1 协议概念 1.4.2 数据封装概念 1.4.3 消息发送者和接收者概念 1.4.4 数据编码概念 2. SOAP消息交换模型 2.1 SOAP结点 2.2 SOAP角色与SOAP结点 2.3 定位SOAP Header条目 2.4 理解SOAP Header 2.5 处理消息 3. 与XML的关系 4. SOAP信封 4.1.1 SOAP encodingStyle属性 4.1.2 Envelope版本模型 4.2 SOAP Header 4.2.1 使用Header属性 4.2.2 SOAP actor属性 4.2.3 SOAP mustUnderstand属性 4.3 SOAP Body 4.3.1 SOAP Header和Body的关系 4.4 SOAP错误 4.4.1 SOAP错误代码 4.4.2 MustUnderstand错误 5. SOAP编码 5.1 使用XML进行类型编码的规则 5.2 简单类型 5.2.1 字符串 5.2.2 枚举 5.2.3 字节数组 5.3 多态存取标识 5.4 复合类型 5.4.1 复合值及对值的引用 5.4.2 数组 部分传输数组 稀疏数组 5.4.3 通用复合类型 5.5 默认值 5.6 SOAP root属性 6. 在HTTP中使用SOAP 6.1 SOAP HTTP请求 6.1.1 HTTP Header中的SOAPAction字段 6.2 SOAP HTTP响应 6.3 HTTP扩展框架 6.4 SOAP HTTP示例 7. 在RPC中使用SOAP 7.1 RPC和SOAP Body 7.2 RPC和SOAP Header 8. 安全机制的考虑 9. 参考文献 9.1. Normative references 9.2. Informative references A. SOAP Envelope Examples A.1 Sample Encoding of Call Requests A.2 Sample Encoding of Response B. Acknowledgements C. Version Transition From SOAP/1.1 to SOAP/1.2 D. Change Log D.1 SOAP Specification Changes D.2 XML Schema Changes

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