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Salary Negotiation

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  October is my performace review month, as the review time is coming how to negotiate my salary riase becomes more and more important. I should take it seriously and prepare it carefully. Below is the draft scenario for this discussing.
  I: Good afternoon Phillip, this is Jack from xx DWH team, I am going to discuss the annual performance review and salary raise with you.
After Emily informed me the salary growth proportion(ratio, rate), to be honest, I am not satisfied with this result.
  P: Could you please raise your concerns?
  I: Okay, next I will give you brief introduction about my current job in DWH team, I just want to let you know my job much better.
Generally speaking, there are three types jobs in DWH, first one is Production support, second one is BAU, third one is History convertion.
I work for DWH team for two years,this year I was honored to get two rewards from xx, one is Bee reward, the other is Spot reward, to my knowledge, it's very seldom for vendor to get these two rewards in one year, after get these two rewads I was nominated to be the country leader for PH&GU, it means my responsibilities is not only doing the production support and BAU, but also taking some time to guide the new comer to do the daily support. maybe as you know, production support is most challenge job in our team, the VT systeam will send the message to our support's cellphone once any job is aborted on production, for production support, no matter what you were doing at that time, even you falled asleep, you also need to stop your on hand work and go to check these abend jobs immediately,otherwise the manager and user will challenge you. As BAU, BIZ user will raise a lot of questions to us, such as the data issue, or the server issue, and so on, we also need to respond them promptly.
 P: What's your expected salary raise ratio?
 I: So far, I have more than 6 years' work experiences after gratuating from college, according to my work experience and IT industry, I did the salary survey from the internet, the benchmark salary is xx,000, but my current salary is much lower than it, so I'd like to ask xx% salary growth.
 P: I need to discuss it with xx managers and revert you later, thanks for your time.
 I: Thanks Phillip, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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