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English Homework--Place one Order

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Dear Joe,

  Thank you for your promptly quotation for Men's sport shoes and sportwears.

  Subsequently to our discussion last Wednesday, our company would like to order 1000 pairs of sport shoes and 600 suits of sportwares from your factory. These commodities should have good quality, high reliability and fashionable style, we hope that once put them into the market, it will attract customer's attentions and satisfied them. For the size and color, please kindly refer to below list:
   No 29: 500 pair of shoes in white color
   No 29: 200 pair of shoes in black color
   No 30: 300 pair of shoes in black color
   S: 100 suits in black
   M: 200 suits in red
   L: 300 suits in white

  After went through your quotation and found your offered price is much higher than our expectation, you mentioned $50 for one pair of shoes and $70 for one suit of sportware, could you please give us 10% discount since we ordered in bulk? As you know, the demands from our customers is very huge, it's still increasing currently, if it's successful to cooperate with your factory at this time, it will build the mutual trust and help you win much more orders. Any feedback please feel free to let me know.

Your Sincerely,


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