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One problem in communication

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   Good communication skill always play a critical role in our daily work, with it your work would be much more efficient and productive, customers also satisfied with your delivering works, corresponding to this, your performance will be much better, your promotion chances will become much more as well. However sometime the reality is so tough, not as same as expecting.
   I work as production support for GCT-BI team, in our team any production issues always occupy the first priority of daily work once they are coming out, you have to stop on hand wok immediately and turn to these issues, otherwise pressures will come from both customers and superiors. Last time such bad luck hit me, one country user claimed that there was data issue existing in our production table and requested us to fix it as soonest, after did quick research and found the solution, but I had to raise PJMR since we don't have any privileges to manipulate production data directly, usually, once PJMR is raised, the related SP LIB will tackle it punctually. I assumed this time should be as same as usual, after PJMR was raised, I promised customer this issue would be fixed in the next hour, one hour swift past, SP didn't do it, maybe SP LIB were fully engaged in other issues, I persuaded myself to give them much more time, however another hour quickly past, the PJMR still hadn't been done, I could hardly sit and grasped the phone to call them, 'What happened on your side? Why this PJMR is still not done? ' I shouted, 'The PJMR processing has been changed since yesterday, we sent mail to inform. you guys at 11AM yesterday, please check your mail, sir.' One LIB replied with soft voice, 'I didn't receive any mails regarding to this, please do this PJMR as soon as possible.' I insisted without checking my mail box, but the LIB still refused me, this negotiating last several minutes, finally I gave up and raised one new PJMR  following the instrcutions which mentioned in their yesterday's mail, it took another one hour to implement it. Not to my surprise, customer escalated it to my boss, and ...
    From then on, I know it's important to hold your temper when asking others to do something even you are very angry at that moment, otherwise it's not only harmful for your body, but also suffering your daily work.

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