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Talking with my project manager

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      Talking with my project manager


After several months work for a new company, I want to make a private conversation with my PM about my work’s conditions and my suggestion.


At first, I sent an email to him about this, below is the content:



     Do you have free time? I want to make a private conversation with you about my last week’s work condition and my suggestion. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


     Best Wishes,




   After the manager received my email, he told me to have a talk in the XXX room. Below is the conversation:


   I : At first, I want to inform. you about my last week’s work condition. During one week’s study, I find it’s difficult to understand about C and C# code, this is too complicated for me, I find the reason about that, it’s my first experience in C and C#, before this, I never used it at all. So I don’t know the basic syntax about C or C#, I think that, if I will learn it better, it should take me a long time to understand it.


  Manager : …


  I :The second thing is about my suggestion. Since my first work after graduated from the college, I have worked on Oracle for about three years, I don’t want to give it up. My objective is to be a DBA, so far, I have never changed it and intend to keep working on this way, so I need your understanding. I know our company is eager for PL/SQL Engineer, I think it's an opportunity for me, I want to have a try and it's worth trying.


Manager : …, I find your English speaking is much better than ever before.


 I : Thank for your praise, I think there are two factors to improve my poor English in this team. First is about the English debate, it’s very useful to everyone to progress the English, in the debate, everyone is able to express his points boldly and talk with each other happily. Through holding the debates, it helps us to understand each other better. The second reason is about you, I don’t make up to you, it’s truth, I could benefit from talking with you, in the every conversation, you speak a lot of words, and I try my best to understand your every word, it helps me to improve my listening English, so if we have free time, I intend to talk with you always.


Manager : …


At last,the conversation is end, I am looking forward to hearing from him.

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