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C++BUILDER 6 新特色 (转)

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C++BUILDER 6 新特色 (转)[@more@] C++BUILDER 6 NEW FEATURES

Deliver business-to-business integration with web Services using BizSnap™
The C++Builder™ 6 BizSnap Web Services development platfoRM simplifies business-to-business integration by easily creating SOAP/XML Web Services and connections that seamleSSLy integrate your business with the applications of your customers and suppliers. C++Builder lets you Exchange, transform, and manipulate XML documents and create applications that communicate directly with trading partners who run their operations on standards-based, Web Services-enabled platforms such as .NET™ and BizTalk™ from microsoft and ONE from Sun Microsystems.

Bring the power and speed of RAD to your Web application development with WebSnap™
WebSnap delivers the power and speed of component-based Rapid Application Development (RAD) to your e-business Web application development, increasing the efficiency of your team and the reliability of your code. Finding and fixing bugs in Web applications and optimizing their performance is easy with the WebSnap Web application debugging platform. Integrate WebSnap applications into corporate sites and Web portals developed with popular HTML development tools such as Microsoft® FrontPage® and Macromedia® Dreamweaver.® Leverage today's extensive pool of script code and talent with server-side scripting for Javascript, ® vbscript, and more.

Build with DataSnap™ Web Services-enabled database middleware that scales and interoperates with your e-business solution
DataSnap builds on the high productivity of C++Builder to deliver enterprise-class, database-driven applications that scale as your volume of transactions and number of users grow. DataSnap leverages distributed computing standards such as SOAP/XML, COM, TCP/IP and Corba® to smooth the integration of your existing enterprise databases, applications, and objects with your e-business applications. Using its high-performance distributed middleware, DataSnap optimizes valuable RdbMS server connections and bandwidth by centralizing data access and updates among e-business processes and applications. DataSnap supports multiple C++Builder data-access connectivity solutions with high-performance access to IBM® DB2,® InfoRmix,® Mysql,™ Microsoft SQL SERVER,™ SybaseORACLE,® Access, and Borland® InterBase.®

Create cross-platform-ready solutions
Unleash the power of component-based development with the Borland Component Library for Cross-platform development (CLX™). Applications built with CLX are source-code compatible with currently planned Borland C++ releases for the Linux® platform. The NetCLX™ Internet components allow you to develop cross-platform apache,™ Microsoft IIS, and Netscape® Web Server applications using native extensions or CGI scripting.

Implement enterprise-class e-business applications
C++Builder 6 now integrates with Borland® Enterprise Server, allowing you to meet the rigorous demands of global e-business customers. C++ Builder quickly and efficiently delivers high-performance thin/rich GUI and WebSnap browser clients to Borland Enterprise Server applications. Bridge Borland Enterprise Server applications for Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJB™) across the Internet and directly to your customers and suppliers using the BizSnap, WebSnap, and DataSnap e-business tools and XML/SOAP Web Services.

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