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在程序中使用 Windows的Task Bar (转)

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在程序中使用 Windows的Task Bar (转)[@more@]在<a href="tag-254-1.html">程序</a>中使用 <a href="tag-129-1.html">windows</a>的Task Bar。 Windows的Task Bar是一标准<a href="tag-264-1.html">控件</a>。 使用到的结构是NOTIFYICONDATA: typedef struct _NOTIFYICONDATA { D<a href="tag-127-1.html">word</a> cbSize; HWND hWnd; UINT uID; UINT uFlags; UINT uCallbackMessage; HICON hIcon; char szTip[64]; } NOTIFYICONDATA, *PNOTIFYICONDATA; Contains information that the system needs to process taskbar status area messages. cbSize :Size of this structure, in bytes. hWnd : Handle to the window that will receive notification messages associated with an icon in the taskbar status area. uID :Application-defined <a href="tag-351-1.html">ide</a>ntifier of the taskbar icon. uFlags: Array of flags that indicate which of the other members contain valid data. This member can be a combination of the following: NIF_ICON The hIcon member is valid. NIF_MESSAGE The uCallbackMessage member is valid. NIF_T<a href="tag-313-1.html">ip </a> The szTip member is valid. uCallbackMessage : Application-defined message identifier. The system uses this identifier for notification messages that it sends to the window identified in hWnd. These notifications are sent when a mouse event occurs in the bounding rectangle of the icon. hIcon :Handle to the icon to add, modify, or delete. szTip : Tooltip text to display for the icon. 使用的通信<a href="tag-266-1.html">函数</a>是<a href="tag-155-1.html">shell</a>_NotifyIcon: WINSHELL<a href="tag-153-1.html">api</a> BOOL WINAPI Shell_NotifyIcon( DWORD dwMessage, PNOTIFYICONDATA pnid); Sends a message to the system to add, modify, or delete an icon from the taskbar status area. Returns nonzero if succes<a href="tag-161-1.html">sf</a>ul, or zero otherwise. dwMessage : Message value to send. This parameter can be one of these values: NIM_ADD Adds an icon to the status area. NIM_DELETE Deletes an icon from the status area. NIM_MODIFY Modifies an icon in the status area. pnid : Address of a NOTIFYICONDATA structure. The content of the structure depends on the value of dwMessage. 通过上面的结构和函数可以很容易把我们的程序做得更加professional.

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