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快报:Microsoft Visual J# .NET Beta 1 正式出街,可以Download了 (转)

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快报:Microsoft Visual J# .NET Beta 1 正式出街,可以Download了 (转)[@more@]

microsoft Visual J# .NET Beta 1 已经Show出来!

小气的神 2001-10-11

几天前的Visual J# .NET 下载链接被泄漏出来,少数人在MS上载的瞬间“偷”到了这个软件,CodeProject的Chris Maunder描述了当时的情景,并深感庆幸。,今天MS已经把它开放了出来,并且在VJ网站主页上介绍了它。从此dotnet framework有多了一种语言实现,MS正在不断证明自己dotNET平台技术的语言无关性。



“Visual J# .NET is a development tool for Java-language developers who want to build applications and services on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Visual J# .NET joins more than 20 previously announced languages in its ability to target the .NET Framework and first-class XML web services.

"With Visual J# .NET, Java-language developers can target XML Web services through the .NET Framework," said Tom Button, vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft. "Integration is a fundamental principle of Microsoft .NET. Visual J# .NET underSCOres Microsoft's commitment to creating interoperability and choice of programming language for building XML Web services."

Visual J# .NET includes technology that enables customers to migrate Java-language investments to the .NET Framework. Existing applications developed with Visual J++ can be easily modified to execute on the .NET Framework, interoperate with other .NET languages and applications, and incorporate new .NET functionality such as, and windows(R) Forms. Further, developers can use it to create entirely new .NET applications.

The beta release of Microsoft Visual J# .NET is available today from either the Microsoft Web site or from the MSDN(R) Download area for MSDN Universal customers, with a final release in the first half of next year.

To use Microsoft Visual J# .NET Beta 1, you need: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Beta 2 (build 7.0.9254.0) English (US) version. Please see system requirements for Visual Studio .NET Beta 2. Windows 2000 Server or Professional, or Windows XP Professional RC Release. ”





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