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Microsoft Visual J#.NET (JSharp) Version 7.0 Beta 1 out (转)

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Microsoft Visual J#.NET (JSharp) Version 7.0 Beta 1 out (转)[@more@]

microsoft Visual J#.NET (JShARP) Version 7.0 Beta 1 out

小气的神 2001.10.09

但愿我没有看错,MS想干什么?JSharp?!, Sun会不会昏倒。不过似乎确有其事,早就听闻有记者问MS这件事,MS始终含含糊糊。个别网站已经证实,并提供下面的链接

Thanks Charles and Activewin for this news. Microsoft has posted it's Beta 1 version of Microsoft J#.Net Version 7.0 Beta 1 for download, it hasn't been posted on Download Center yet and the file is dated October 11, so it is unclear if this is a leak or not. However, it is on Microsoft's public servers and it is available for download. Here are some of the details:

"Introduction Welcome to Beta 1 of Microsoft Visual J# .net. Microsoft Visual J# .NET is a development tool that developers who are familiar with the Java-language syntax can use to build applications and services on the .NET framework. It integrates the java-language syntax into the Visual Studio .NET shell. Microsoft Visual J# .NET also supports the functionality found in VJ++ 6.0 including Microsoft extensions. Microsoft Visual J# .NET is not a tool for developing applications intended to run on a Java Virtual Machine. Applications and services built with Visual J# .NET will run only in the .NET Framework. Visual J# .NET has been independently developed by Microsoft. It is not endorsed or approved by Sun Microsystems, Inc."

System Requirements:

Visual Studio .NET Beta2 (7.0.9254.0) English (US)

windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional

 Download: Microsoft J#.Net Version 7.0 Beta 1 (7.0MB)

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