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怎样使用ASP实现Ping (转)

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怎样使用ASP实现Ping (转)[@more@]
怎样使用ASP实现ping     This article presents a simple way to ping an address and get the results of the ping using ASP. The idea
was supplied by Bart Silverstein.

First, a .BAT file needs to be created that will be run from the Active Server Page. Let's call this file
DoPing.BAT. It will contain only one statement, which will ping a passed in ip address. Here is the code
for DoPing.BAT:

ping -a %1 > d:.NETPubcgi-bin%2.txt
This will, if you can't tell, ping the address passed in as the first command line argument (%1), and
redirect the results to a text file named hy the second command line argument (%2). Now, let's look how we
would call this from an ASP file:


Set FileSys = Server.Createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
FileName = FileSys.GetTempName

Set WShshell = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

IP = "" ' or whatever you want to ping
RetCode = WShShell.Run("d:Inetpubcgi-binDoPing.bat " & IP & " " & FileName, 1, True)

if RetCode = 0 Then

'There were no errors


Response.Redirect "PingErrors.htm"

end if

Set TextFile = FileSys.OpenTextFile("d:InetPubcgi-bin" & FileName & ".txt", 1)
TextBuffer = TextFile.ReadAll

For i = 1 to Len(TextBuffer)

If Mid(TextBuffer,i,1) = chr(13) Then




end if



FileSys.DeleteFile "d:Inetpubcgi-bin" & FileName & ".txt"

Before you go hog wild and implement this code or use similar techniques on your site, there are a few
things you should be wary of. From a secutiry standpoint, this is really dangerous, for any time you let
someone run an application on your server there is always the potential that it will come back to haunt
you. One suggestion to lessen the threat: make a separate folder with no script or execute priviledges,
and have your DoPing.bat output its results to that folder.

I hope this article was informative an interesting. Happy Programming!

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