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PHP & Java(4) (转)

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PHP & Java(4) (转)[@more@]


Using the PHP Java extensions allows you to extend your PHP code, via all the Java class's now available. Some potential uses are;
1. Use PHP to send a fax, via the Hylafax Javaclient
2. Use PHP to access your Remedy application
3. Use PHP to generate bar codes, via a Java Barcode class
4. Convert your Applets so that they can generate a GIF / JPG to display to non Java browsers

In the next article on Java and PHP, we hope to show how to set up PHP with Java on a Linux box, Error checking, show you how to generate a JPG file from a Java class and use some classes readily available on the web.

-- Mark
-- Joost
and thanks to Sam Ruby for producing such an interesting extension to PHP!

Useful Links"> ~ A great win32 distribution of PHP ~ Sun's Java release ~ Start searching for handy Java classes ~ More Java classes"> ~ Sam Ruby about PHP and Java integration at open source Convention 2000 (audio)"> ~ Apache XML Project ~ TransfoRming XML with xsl using Sablotron

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