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Borland网上调查:请告诉Borland你在未来的Delphi和C++Builder版本中需要什么样的数据库开发特性 (转)

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Borland网上调查:请告诉Borland你在未来的Delphi和C++Builder版本中需要什么样的数据库开发特性 (转)[@more@] Community Home >Delphi">Delphi & Kylix> Database .NETte StoryServer 4 Wed Feb 20 16:06:53 2002 -->

First time ever: RAD windows Database Development Survey - by John Kaster

Abstract:Let Borland know what database development features are important to you for Delphi and C++ Builder

For the first time ever, Borland has a customer survey specifically devoted to database support in our RAD Windows products (Delphi and C++ Builder). If you have the time, please fill out the RAD Windows Database Development Survey and help us deteRmine our future support for database development in Delphi and C++ Builder.

Your feedback will help us plan and prioritize future database support in these products.

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