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用ASP发电子邮件 (转)

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用ASP发电子邮件 (转)[@more@]

Dim strTo, strSubject, strBody 'Strings for recipient, subject, boby
Dim objCDOMail 'The CDO object
'First we'll read in the values entered
strTo = Request.Form("to")
'These would read the message subject and body if we let you enter it
'strSubject = Request.Form("subject")
'strBody = Request.Form("body")
strSubject = "Sample E-mail sent from X-Bit!"
' This is multi-lined simply for readability
strBody = "This message was sent from a sample at X-Bit. "
strBody = strBody & "It is used to show people how to send e-mail from an "
strBody = strBody & "Active Server Page. If you did not request this "
strBody = strBody & "e-mail yourself, your address was entered by one of "
strBody = strBody & "our visitors. We do not store these e-mail addresses."
strBody = strBody & " Please address all concerns to"

'Ok we've got the values now on to the point of the script.

'We just check to see if someone has entered anything into the to field.
'If it's equal to nothing we show the form, otherwise we send the message.
'If you were doing this for real you might want to check other fields too
'and do a little entry validation like checking for valid syntax etc.
If strTo = "" Then
RM ACTION="./email_cdo.asp" METHOD="post">
Enter your e-mail address:

<!-- These would be used if we decided to let you edit them



' Create an instance of the NewMail object.
Set objCdomail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

' Set the properties of the object
objCDOMail.From = ""
objCDOMail.To = strTo
objCDOMail.Subject = strSubject
objCDOMail.Body = strBody

' There are lots of other properties you can use.
' You can send HTML e-mail, attachments, etc...
' You can also modify most aspects of the message
' like importance, custom headers, ...
' Check the documentation for a full list as well
' as the correct syntax.

' Some of the more useful ones I've included samples of here:
'objCDOMail.Cc = ";"
'objCDOMail.Bcc = ";"
'objCDOMail.Importance = 1 '(0=Low, 1=Normal, 2=High)
'objCDOMail.AttachFile "c:file.txt", "file.txt"

' Send the message!

' Set the object to nothing because it immediately becomes
' invalid after calling the Send method.
Set objCDOMail = Nothing

Response.Write "Message sent to " & strTo & "!"
End If

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