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Windows CE 3.0 Source Code 免微软passport登陆下载 (转)

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Windows CE 3.0 Source Code 免微软passport登陆下载 (转)[@more@]





/software/"> CE 3.0 Code (zip: 3.28 MB zfile; sorce: 5.03 MB executable file)



Windows CE 3.0 Source Code" width=1> <!--Will be generated v-->Posted: July 20, 2001 <!-- --> <!-- Floating SBar Area START --> <!-- --> Windows CE 3.0 Source ?wizid=4672&lcid=1033">Download Filesetup.exe 5.3 MB Download File 44 min @ 28.8 kbps <!-- --> Note: You will be required to register using your Microsoft Passport before you can download. <!-- -->
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Windows® CE 3.0 source—now more usable and accessible than ever.

Source-level deging saves valuable time throughout the embedded development process by eliminating the guesswork about how your code is interacting with the kernel or other low-level code. Both new and existing Windows CE users can benefit from this new source code download, which installs into the Builder 3.0 development tool.

Broader source code licensing - Windows CE 3.0 source code for key components is now available to users of Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0, giving you a new, . The Microsoft Shared Source License for Windows CE 3.0 offers you more free than ever by giving you the ability to innovate with others using Windows CE. This is especially true for non-commercial purposes, which can include teaching, researching, or personal experimenting using the Windows CE platform.

No purchase required - If you now use Platform Builder Evaluation Edition, you can access the source code. Previously, developers were not able to evaluate the usefulness of source code until they had purchased a copy of the full version of Platform Builder. Now, the source code download will install into both the Full and Evaluation editions of Platform Builder 3.0. for Platform Builder system requirements.

Easy and convenient - Windows CE 3.0 source with the new Windows CE Broad Source License is available as a (5.3 MB executable file). As part of this download, you will be asked to agree to the terms of this new and to answer a series of questions.

Note: Before (5.03 MB executable file), you will need to register using your Microsoft Passport. Passport is a suite of personal authentication services that makes it easier for you to use the . If you do not have a Passport, the registration wizard will take you through the process of getting one.

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