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Swtich-Stacking Practice

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During the Shanghai GuBei site implementation,there have some cisco networking issue related.

1.check which access switch is the master,use 'sh switch stack-ports'

2.core switch link each other,could use normal copper cords(not cross copper),example set ge1/0/23 & ge1/0/24 as channel-1 group.

3.keep up ' no sh' command in check interface/line protocal down's reason,in addtion, use 'sh run int serial 0/0'

4.advantage between switch-stacking and different fibre link,compare to Shanghai Azia,GGW case and BJ SinoSteel,SH GB,i prefer the former because it could supports more redundancy.Certainly,the cost is higher than the latter.

5.if possible,suggest there have enough spare resource at the time of project implementation.I mean cisco module/cable and fibre cords.


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