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ORACLE startup过程

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Starting Up an Oracle Database Instance: NOMOUNT

When starting the database instance, select the state in which it starts. The following scenarios describe different stages of starting up an instance.

An instance is typically started only in NOMOUNT mode during database creation,
during re-creation of control files, or during certain backup and recovery scenarios.

Starting an instance includes the following tasks:

        Searching /database for a file of a particular name in this order:

-                                                   spfile.ora

-                                                   If not found, spfile.ora

-                                                   If not found, init.ora

       This is the file that contains initialization parameters for the instance. Specifying the PFILE parameter with STARTUP overrides the default behavior.

        Allocating the SGA

        Starting the background processes

        Opening the alert.log file and the trace files

Note: SID is the system ID, which identifies the instance (for example, ORCL).



Starting Up an Oracle Database Instance: MOUNT

Mounting a database includes the following tasks:

        Associating a database with a previously started instance

        Locating and opening the control files specified in the parameter file

        Reading the control files to obtain the names and statuses of the data files and online redo log files. However, no checks are performed to verify the existence of the data files and online redo log files at this time.

To perform. specific maintenance operations, start an instance and mount a database, but do not open the database.

For example, the database must be mounted but must not be opened during the following tasks:

        Renaming data files (Data files for an offline tablespace can be renamed when the database is open.)

        Enabling and disabling online redo log file archiving options

        Performing full database recovery

Note: A database may be left in MOUNT mode even though an OPEN request has been made. This may be because the database needs to be recovered in some way.



Starting Up an Oracle Database Instance: OPEN

A normal database operation means that an instance is started and the database is mounted and opened. With a normal database operation, any valid user can connect to the database and perform. typical data access operations.

Opening the database includes the following tasks:

        Opening the online data files

        Opening the online redo log files

If any of the data files or online redo log files are not present when you attempt to open the database, then the Oracle server returns an error.

During this final stage, the Oracle server verifies that all the data files and online redo log files can be opened and checks the consistency of the database. If necessary, the System Monitor (SMON) background process initiates instance recovery.

You can start up a database instance in restricted mode so that it is available to users with administrative privileges only. To start an instance in restricted mode, select the “Restrict access to database” option on the Advanced Startup Options page.


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