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Some Uses of Flashback Query (370)

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This section lists some ways to use Flashback Query.
■ Self-Service Repair
Perhaps you accidentally deleted some important rows from a table and wanted to
recover the deleted rows. To do the repair, you can move backward in time and see
the missing rows and re-insert the deleted row into the current table.
■ E-mail or Voice Mail Applications
You might have deleted mail in the past. Using Flashback Query, you can restore
the deleted mail by moving back in time and re-inserting the deleted message into
the current message box.
■ Account Balances
You can view account prior account balances as of a certain day in the month.
■ Packaged Applications
Packaged applications (like report generation tools) can make use of Flashback
Query without any changes to application logic. Any constraints that the
application expects are guaranteed to be satisfied, because users see a consistent
version of the Database as of the given time or SCN.

In addition, Flashback Query could be used after examination of audit information to
see the before-image of the data. In DSS environments, it could be used for extraction
of data as of a consistent point in time from OLTP systems.

1. 数据恢复
2. 邮箱或语音邮箱应用
3. 帐户结算
4. 应用打包
5. 监控数据


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