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Oracle Lock Management Services (365)

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With Oracle Lock Management services, an application developer can include
statements in PL/SQL blocks that:
■ Request a lock of a specific type
■ Give the lock a unique name recognizable in another procedure in the same or in
another instance
■ Change the lock type
■ Release the lock
Because a reserved user lock is the same as an Oracle lock, it has all the Oracle lock
functionality including deadlock detection. User locks never conflict with Oracle locks,
because they are identified with the prefix UL.

The Oracle Lock Management services are available through procedures in the DBMS_LOCK

1. 利用 Oracle 锁管理服务可以在 PL/SQL 块中使用以下语句 :
a. 获取特定类型的锁
b. 给锁取一个可识别的唯一名字
c. 改变锁的类型
d. 释放锁
2. 用户锁具备Oracle锁的功能(包括死锁检测) . 用户锁不会与Oracle锁冲突 ,
因为用户锁的名称使用前缀 UL.
3. 可通过DBMS_LOCK包使用 Oracle 的锁管理服务


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