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Latches (359)

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Latches are simple, low-level serialization mechanisms to protect shared data
structures in the system global area (SGA). For example, latches protect the list of users
currently accessing the database and protect the data structures describing the blocks
in the buffer cache. A server or background process acquires a latch for a very short
time while manipulating or looking at one of these structures. The implementation of
latches is operating system dependent, particularly in regard to whether and how long
a process will wait for a latch.

1. 闩锁是一种简单的低级别串行化机制 , 用来保护SGA中的共享结构.如正在访问数据库的用户
列表 , 在数据库缓存内的数据块展现的数据结构都可通过闩锁保护
2. 当服务进程或后台进程需要操作或查询此类数据结构时 , 就需要获取一个闩锁 ,加锁时间极短


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