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Distributed Transactions (325)

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In a distributed database environment, a given transaction updates data in multiple
physical databases protected by two-phase commit to ensure all nodes or none
commit. In such an environment, all servers, whether Oracle or non-Oracle, that
participate in a serializable transaction are required to support serializable isolation

If a serializable transaction tries to update data in a database managed by a server that
does not support serializable transactions, the transaction receives an error. The
transaction can undo and retry only when the remote server does support serializable

In contrast, read committed transactions can perform distributed transactions with
servers that do not support serializable transactions.

1. 在分布式数据库环境中 , 数据库采用两层提交机制来保证事务在所有节点上全部提交或全部回滚
2. 当一个串行化事务试图在不支持串行化隔离模式的数据库中更新数据时,此事务将发生错误
3. 与此相反 , 在不支持串行化事务的数据库中 ,已提交读取能执行分布式事务.


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