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Abnormal Instance Shutdown (307)

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In unusual circumstances, shutdown of an instance might not occur cleanly; all
memory structures might not be removed from memory or one of the background
processes might not be terminated. When remnants of a previous instance exist, a
subsequent instance startup most likely will fail. In such situations, the database
administrator can force the new instance to start up by first removing the remnants of
the previous instance and then starting a new instance, or by issuing a SHUTDOWN
ABORT statement in SQL*Plus or using Enterprise Manager.

1. 实例异常关闭 :内存中可能依然存在未被清除的内存结构,或者某些后台进程未被终止
2. 解决实例异常关闭 : 彻底清除之前的实例并启动新实例
3. 解决实例异常关闭 : 使用shutdown abort命令


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