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Close the Database by Terminating the Instance (304)

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In rare emergency situations, you can terminate the instance of an open database to
close and completely shut down the database instantaneously. This process is fast,
because the operation of writing all data in the buffers of the SGA to the datafiles and
redo log files is skipped. The subsequent reopening of the database requires recovery,
which Oracle performs automatically.

1. 在紧急情况下,可以终止一个处于打开状态的数据库的实例,以便立即关闭并完全停止一个数据库
2. 这个过程很快,因为将 SGA 内各缓冲区的数据写入数据文件和重做日志文件的步骤被省略了
3. 数据库重新打开的时候 Oracle 将自动地执行恢复操作


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