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Close a Database (303)

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When you close a database, Oracle writes all database data and recovery data in the
SGA to the datafiles and redo log files, respectively. Next, Oracle closes all online
datafiles and redo log files. (Any offline datafiles of any offline tablespaces have been
closed already. If you subsequently reopen the database, any tablespace that was
offline and its datafiles remain offline and closed, respectively.) At this point, the
database is closed and inaccessible for normal operations. The control files remain
open after a database is closed but still mounted.

1. 关闭数据库时,Oracle 将 SGA 内的数据库数据及恢复数据分别写入数据文件和重做日志文件
2. 接下来 , Oracle 关闭所有联机的数据文件及重做日志文件
3. 在数据库已经关闭但仍旧装载时,控制文件还是处于打开状态


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