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How Oracle Net Services Works (281)

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Oracle’s support of industry network protocols provides an interface between Oracle
processes running on the database server and the user processes of Oracle applications
running on other computers of the network.

The Oracle protocols take SQL statements from the interface of the Oracle applications
and package them for transmission to Oracle through one of the supported
industry-standard higher level protocols or programmatic interfaces. The protocols
also take replies from Oracle and package them for transmission to the applications
through the same higher level communications mechanism. This is all done
independently of the network operating system.

Depending on the operation system that runs Oracle, the Oracle Net Services software
of the database server could include the driver software and start an additional Oracle
background process.

Oracle 网络协议能够接收 Oracle 应用程序通过接口提交的 SQL语句,进行封装后利用更高级别的标
准网络协议或程序接口传输给 Oracle 服务器。Oracle网络协议还能够从服务器接收回复,并采用相同


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