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Oracle client/server architecture's benefits (275)

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Oracle client/server architecture in a distributed processing environment provides the
following benefits:
■ Client applications are not responsible for performing any data processing. Rather,
they request input from users, request data from the server, and then analyze and
present this data using the display capabilities of the client workstation or the
terminal (for example, using graphics or spreadsheets).
■ Client applications are not dependent on the physical location of the data. Even if
the data is moved or distributed to other database servers, the application
continues to function with little or no modification.
■ Oracle exploits the multitasking and shared-memory facilities of its underlying
operating system. As a result, it delivers the highest possible degree of
concurrency, data integrity, and performance to its client applications.
■ Client workstations or terminals can be optimized for the presentation of data (for
example, by providing graphics and mouse support), and the server can be
optimized for the processing and storage of data (for example, by having large
amounts of memory and disk space).
■ In networked environments, you can use inexpensive client workstations to access
the remote data of the server effectively.
■ If necessary, Oracle can be scaled as your system grows. You can add multiple
servers to distribute the database processing load throughout the network
(horizontally scaled), or you can move Oracle to a minicomputer or mainframe, to
take advantage of a larger system’s performance (vertically scaled). In either case,
all data and applications are maintained with little or no modification, because
Oracle is portable between systems.
■ In networked environments, shared data is stored on the servers rather than on all
computers in the system. This makes it easier and more efficient to manage
concurrent access.
■ In networked environments, client applications submit database requests to the
server using SQL statements. After it is received, the SQL statement is processed
by the server, and the results are returned to the client application. Network traffic
is kept to a minimum, because only the requests and the results are shipped over
the network.

1. 客户端应用程序无需进行数据处理工作
2. Oracle 系统具备伸缩能力。用户可以添加服务器,使数据处理的工作负载通过网络
分布到多个服务器上(横向伸缩),用户也可以将 Oracle


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