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Views with the Prefix USER (267)

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The views most likely to be of interest to typical database users are those with the
prefix USER. These views:
■ Refer to the user’s own private environment in the database, including
information about schema objects created by the user, grants made by the user,
and so on
■ Display only rows pertinent to the user
■ Have columns identical to the other views, except that the column OWNER is
■ Return a subset of the information in the ALL views
■ Can have abbreviated PUBLIC synonyms for convenience
For example, the following query returns all the objects contained in your schema:
SELECT object_name, object_type FROM USER_OBJECTS;

1. USER前缀视图有以下功能
* 反映了数据库中某个用户的全部情况
* 只展示和某个用户相关的信息
* 与其他视图拥有相同的列,只有 OWNER 信息是隐含的
* 其内容是以 ALL 为前缀的视图的子集
* 可以在其上创建经过缩写的 PUBLIC 同义词


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