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Signature Checking (254)

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Oracle provides the additional capability of remote dependencies
using signatures. The signature capability affects only remote dependencies. Local
dependencies are not affected, as recompilation is always possible in this environment.
The signature of a procedure contains information about the following items:
■ Name of the package, procedure, or function
■ Base types of the parameters
■ Modes of the parameters (IN, OUT, and IN OUT)

Note: Only the types and modes of parameters are significant. The
name of the parameter does not affect the signature.

If the signature dependency model is in effect, a dependency on a remote program
unit causes an invalidation of the dependent unit if the dependent unit contains a call
to a procedure in the parent unit, and the signature of this procedure has been changed
in an incompatible manner. A program unit can be a package, stored procedure, stored
function, or trigger.

1. 签名检查只对远程依赖性管理有效
2. 本地依赖性无需使用签名检查管理,因为在本地环境中无效对象可以随时被重编译
3. 一个过程的签名检查中包含以下信息:
* 包,过程,或函数的名称
* 参数的类型
* 参数的模式 (IN,OUT,和 IN OUT)


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