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Management of Local Dependencies (251)

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Oracle manages all local dependencies using the database’s internal dependency table,
which keeps track of each schema object’s dependent objects. When a referenced object
is modified, Oracle uses the depends-on table to identify dependent objects, which are
then invalidated.

For example, assume a stored procedure UPDATE_SAL references the table
JWARD.employees. If the definition of the table is altered in any way, the status of
every object that references JWARD.employees is changed to INVALID, including the
stored procedure UPDATE_SAL. As a result, the procedure cannot be run until it has
been recompiled and is valid. Similarly, when a DML privilege is revoked from a user,
every dependent object in the user’s schema is invalidated. However, an object that is
invalid because authorization was revoked can be revalidated by "reauthorization," in
which case it does not require full recompilation.

1. Oracle 使用数据库内部的依赖关系表来管理所有的本地依赖性,依赖关系表用于记录每个方案对象的依赖对象


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