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The ROWID Pseudocolumn

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Each table in an Oracle database internally has a pseudocolumn named ROWID. This pseudocolumn is not
evident when listing the structure of a table by executing a SELECT * FROM ... statement, or a
DESCRIBE ... statement using SQL*Plus, nor does the pseudocolumn take up space in the table.
However, each row's address can be retrieved with a SQL query using the reserved word ROWID as a
column name, for example:

SELECT ROWID, last_name FROM employees;

You cannot set the value of the pseudocolumn ROWID in INSERT or UPDATE statements, and you cannot
delete a ROWID value. Oracle uses the ROWID values in the pseudocolumn ROWID internally for the
construction of indexes.

You can reference rowids in the pseudocolumn ROWID like other table columns (used in SELECT lists
and WHERE clauses), but rowids are not stored in the database, nor are they database data. However,
you can create tables that contain columns having the ROWID datatype, although Oracle does not
guarantee that the values of such columns are valid rowids. The user must ensure that the data
stored in the ROWID column truly is a valid ROWID.


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