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Create Index ...ONLINE

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Specify ONLINE to indicate that DML operations on the table will be
allowed during creation of the index.

Restrictions on Online Index Building

Online index building is subject to the following restrictions:
■ Parallel DML is not supported during online index building. If you specify
ONLINE and then issue parallel DML statements, then Oracle Database returns an error.
■ You cannot specify ONLINE for a bitmap index or a cluster index.
■ For a nonunique secondary index on an index-organized table, the number of
index key columns plus the number of primary key columns that are included in
the logical rowid in the index-organized table cannot exceed 32. The logical rowid
excludes columns that are part of the index key.

create index ...online字句

create index ...online字句限定
1. 不支持并行dml , 否则Oracle将返回一个错误
2. 对于位图索引和簇索引不能指定ONLINE
3. ...


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