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How Views Are Used (176)

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Views provide a means to present a different representation of the data that resides
within the base tables. Views are very powerful because they let you tailor the
presentation of data to different types of users. Views are often used to:
■ Provide an additional level of table security by restricting access to a
predetermined set of rows or columns of a table
■ Hide data complexity
■ Simplify statements for the user
■ Present the data in a different perspective from that of the base table
■ Isolate applications from changes in definitions of base tables
■ Express a query that cannot be expressed without using a view
■ Save complex queries

1. 通过视图可以设定允许用户访问的列和数据行,从而为表提供了额外的安全控制
2. 隐藏数据复杂性
3. 简化用户的 SQL 语句
4. 以不同的角度展示基表中的数据
5. 使应用程序不会受基表定义改变的影响
6. 有些查询必须使用视图才能正确表达
7. 保存复杂查询


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