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Transaction Naming (146)

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You can name a transaction, using a simple and memorable text string. This name
is a reminder of what the transaction is about. Transaction names replace commit
comments for distributed transactions, with the following advantages:
■ It is easier to monitor long-running transactions and to resolve in-doubt
distributed transactions.
■ You can view transaction names along with transaction IDs in applications.
example, a database administrator can view transaction names in Enterprise
Manager when monitoring system activity.
■ Transaction names are written to the transaction auditing redo record, if
compatibility is set to Oracle9i or higher.
■ LogMiner can use transaction names to search for a specific transaction from
transaction auditing records in the redo log.
■ You can use transaction names to find a specific transaction in data
views, such as V$TRANSACTION.

1. 更容易监控长时间运行和拿不准(有疑问?)的事务
2. 在应用程序中可以看见事务名并事务IDs(如在em中监控系统活动)
3. 事务名被写入事务审计重做记录 , 如果compatibility设置为9i或更高
4. LogMiner可使用事务名 , 从事务审计重做记录来搜索特定的事务
5. 在V$TRANSACTION中可使用事务名来查询特定的事务


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