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Shared Server Processes (Snnn) (131)

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Each shared server process serves multiple client requests in the shared server
configuration. Shared server processes and dedicated server processes provide the
same functionality, except shared server processes are not associated with a specific
user process. Instead, a shared server process serves any client request in the shared
server configuration.
The PGA of a shared server process does not contain user-related data (which needs to
be accessible to all shared server processes). The PGA of a shared server process
contains only stack space and process-specific variables.
All session-related information is contained in the SGA. Each shared server process
needs to be able to access all sessions’ data spaces so that any server can handle
requests from any session. Space is allocated in the SGA for each session’s data space.
You can limit the amount of space that a session can allocate by setting the resource
limit PRIVATE_SGA to the desired amount of space in the user’s profile.
Oracle dynamically adjusts the number of shared server processes based on the length
of the request queue. The number of shared server processes that can be created ranges
between the values of the initialization parameters SHARED_SERVERS and MAX_SHARED_SERVERS.

1. pga中的共享服务进程不包括用户相关的数据 , 包括的是堆栈空间和进程相关变量
2. 所有会话相关的进程都包含在SGA中 .
3. 通过用户资源配置文件中的PRIVATE_SGA参数可以限定会话在sga可被分配的总空间
4. Oracle可以动态调整共享服务器进程的数目 , 也可以通过参数指定 , 值在SHARED_SERVERS和MAX_SHARED_SERVERS之间


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