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Dispatcher Processes (Dnnn) (130)

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The dispatcher processes support shared server configuration by allowing user
processes to share a limited number of server processes. With the shared server, fewer
shared server processes are required for the same number of users, Therefore, the
shared server can support a greater number of users, particularly in client/server
environments where the client application and server operate on different computers.
You can create multiple dispatcher processes for a single database instance. At least
one dispatcher must be created for each network protocol used with Oracle. The
database administrator starts an optimal number of dispatcher processes depending
on the operating system limitation and the number of connections for each process,
and can add and remove dispatcher processes while the instance runs.
In a shared server configuration, a network listener process waits for connection
requests from client applications and routes each to a dispatcher process. If it cannot
connect a client application to a dispatcher, the listener process starts a dedicated
server process, and connects the client application to the dedicated server. The listener
process is not part of an Oracle instance; rather, it is part of the networking processes
that work with Oracle.



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