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Other Background Processes (126)

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There are several other background processes that might be running. These can
include the following:
MMON performs various manageability-related background tasks, for example:
■ Issuing alerts whenever a given metrics violates its threshold value
■ Taking snapshots by spawning additional process (MMON slaves)
■ Capturing statistics value for SQL objects which have been recently modified
MMNL performs frequent and light-weight manageability-related tasks, such as
session history capture and metrics computation.
MMAN is used for internal database tasks.
RBAL coordinates rebalance activity for disk groups in an Automatic Storage
Management instance. It performs a global open on Automatic Storage Management
ORBn performs the actual rebalance data extent movements in an Automatic Storage
Management instance. There can be many of these at a time, called ORB0, ORB1, and
so forth.
OSMB is present in a database instance using an Automatic Storage Management disk
group. It communicates with the Automatic Storage Management instance.



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