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Process Monitor Process (PMON) (121)

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The process monitor (PMON) performs process recovery when a user process fails.
PMON is responsible for cleaning up the database buffer cache and freeing resources
that the user process was using. For example, it resets the status of the active
transaction table, releases locks, and removes the process ID from the list of active
PMON periodically checks the status of dispatcher and server processes, and restarts
any that have stopped running (but not any that Oracle has terminated intentionally).
PMON also registers information about the instance and dispatcher processes with the
network listener.
Like SMON, PMON checks regularly to see whether it is needed and can be called if
another process detects the need for it.

1. 进程恢复
2. 整理数据库高速缓存和空暇的资源(锁 , 活动的事务列表)


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