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System Monitor Process (SMON) (120)

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The system monitor process (SMON) performs recovery, if necessary, at instance
startup. SMON is also responsible for cleaning up temporary segments that are no
longer in use and for coalescing contiguous free extents within dictionary managed
tablespaces. If any terminated transactions were skipped during instance recovery
because of file-read or offline errors, SMON recovers them when the tablespace or file
is brought back online. SMON checks regularly to see whether it is needed. Other
processes can call SMON if they detect a need for it.
With Real Application Clusters, the SMON process of one instance can perform
instance recovery for a failed CPU or instance.

1. 在实例启动时恢复
2. 整理不再使用的临时段
3. 合并dmt下的连续的空闲的段
4. 在表空间或者文件重新联机的时候 , 恢复因为文件错误或者脱机的终止事务
5. 在检测到需要使用SMON时 , 其他进程可调用SMON


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