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Background Processes (113)

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To maximize performance and accommodate many users, a multiprocess Oracle
system uses some additional Oracle processes called background processes.
An Oracle instance can have many background processes; not all are always present.
There are numerous background processes. See the V$BGPROCESS view for more
information on the background processes. The background processes in an Oracle
instance can include the following:
■ Database Writer Process (DBWn)
■ Log Writer Process (LGWR)
■ Checkpoint Process (CKPT)
■ System Monitor Process (SMON)
■ Process Monitor Process (PMON)
■ Recoverer Process (RECO)
■ Job Queue Processes
■ Archiver Processes (ARCn)
■ Queue Monitor Processes (QMNn)
■ Other Background Processes
On many operating systems, background processes are created automatically when an
instance is started.

1. 通过视图v$BGPROCESS可查询后台进程的信息
2. 包括数据库写进程 , 系统监视进程 等
3. 当实例启动的时候 , 后台进程被自动启动


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