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Initianization Parameter (5) : THREAD

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Parameter type : Integer
Default value : 0
Modifiable : No
Range of values : 0 to the maximum number of enabled threads
Real Application Clusters : If specified, multiple instances must have different values.

THREAD is a Real Application Clusters parameter that specifies the number of the redo
thread to be used by an instance.

When you create a database, Oracle creates and enables thread 1 as a public thread
(one that can be used by any instance). You must create and enable subsequent threads
using the ADD LOGFILE THREAD clause and ENABLE THREAD clause of the ALTER
DATABASE statement. The number of threads you create is limited by the
MAXINSTANCES parameter specified in the CREATE DATABASE statement.

In exclusive mode, thread 1 is the default thread. However, you can specify THREAD
for an instance running in exclusive mode if you want to use the redo log files in a
thread other than thread 1.

In parallel mode, you can specify any available redo thread number, as long as that
thread number is enabled and is not in use by another instance.

A value of zero specifies that this instance can use any available, enabled public


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