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Introduction to Processes (106)

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All connected Oracle users must run two modules of code to access an Oracle database
■ Application or Oracle tool: A database user runs a database application (such as a
precompiler program) or an Oracle tool (such as SQL*Plus), which issues SQL
statements to an Oracle database.
■ Oracle database server code: Each user has some Oracle database code executing
on his or her behalf, which interprets and processes the application’s SQL
These code modules are run by processes. A process is a "thread of control" or a
mechanism in an operating system that can run a series of steps. (Some operating
systems use the terms job or task.) A process normally has its own private memory
area in which it runs.

Oracle用户访问数据库实例必须运行two modules of code
1. 应用程序或者Oracle工具
2. 数据库服务代码 :
这些代码是通过进程来执行 , 进程定义...


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