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Software Code Areas (105)

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Software Code Areas (105)
Software code areas are portions of memory used to store code that is being run or can
be run. Oracle code is stored in a software area that is typically at a different location
from users’ programs—a more exclusive or protected location.
Software areas are usually static in size, changing only when software is updated or
reinstalled. The required size of these areas varies by operating system.
Software areas are read only and can be installed shared or nonshared. When possible,
Oracle code is shared so that all Oracle users can access it without having multiple
copies in memory. This results in a saving of real main memory and improves overall
User programs can be shared or nonshared. Some Oracle tools and utilities (such as
Oracle Forms and SQL*Plus) can be installed shared, but some cannot. Multiple
instances of Oracle can use the same Oracle code area with different databases if
running on the same computer.

1. 用来存放将要或者能运行的代码
2. 大小通常都是静态的 , 在软件给更新或者重装的时候有所改变
3. 只读的 , 在安装的时候可共享或者不共享, 用户程序有些可共享 , 也可不共享
4. 在相同的机器上 , 不同的数据库之间, Oracle可供使用相同的Oracle代码


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