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Streams Pool (94)

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In a single database, you can specify that Streams memory be allocated from a pool in
the SGA called the Streams pool. To configure the Streams pool, specify the size of the
pool in bytes using the STREAMS_POOL_SIZE initialization parameter. If a Streams
pool is not defined, then one is created automatically when Streams is first used.
If SGA_TARGET is set, then the SGA memory for the Streams pool comes from the
global pool of SGA. If SGA_TARGET is not set, then SGA for the Streams pool is
transferred from the buffer cache. This transfer takes place only after the first use of
Streams. The amount transferred is 10% of the shared pool size.

Streams Pool
2. 如果设置了SGA_TARGET, Streams pool从global pool中分配, 否则从buffer cache中调出, 大小为shared
pool size的10%


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