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Large Pool (92)

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The database administrator can configure an optional memory area called the large
pool to provide large memory allocations for:
■ Session memory for the shared server and the Oracle XA interface (used where
transactions interact with more than one database)
■ I/O server processes
■ Oracle backup and restore operations
By allocating session memory from the large pool for shared server, Oracle XA, or
parallel query buffers, Oracle can use the shared pool primarily for caching shared
SQL and avoid the performance overhead caused by shrinking the shared SQL cache.
In addition, the memory for Oracle backup and restore operations, for I/O server
processes, and for parallel buffers is allocated in buffers of a few hundred kilobytes.
The large pool is better able to satisfy such large memory requests than the shared
The large pool does not have an LRU list. It is different from reserved space in the
shared pool, which uses the same LRU list as other memory allocated from the shared

比共享池更有效的满足大的内存的请求, 如:
1. shared server, Oracle XA
2. 并行查询
3. 备份恢复操作
4. I/O server processes


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